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.Net Developers Overcome the Challenges of Maintaining Deployed Applications with AppLife Update

Burnsville, Minn. (2010) – Kinetic Jump Software, a leading software provider for advancing iterative development processes, announced the availability of version 4.0 of AppLife Update. This release enhances the overall customer product maintenance experience by supporting multiple network update locations, and providing tooling to effectively manage updates throughout the testing, QA and production cycle, which lowers product maintenance costs and improves quality. The 4.0 release also delivers enhanced solution integration by improving the Visual Studio design-time experience and providing a choice of ready-to-use visual updating controls, reducing customer integration costs.

AppLife Update is an innovative application maintenance solution. Continuous iterative product development requires an effortless updating solution to be in place, and AppLife Update delivers. The AppLife Update solution provides the following key functions:

  • Integrated functionality to securely control the availability, retrieval, and initiation of published updates
  • An extensive integration API, providing for client-based licensing controls and customized behaviors
  • Permissions elevation service to securely update clients in controlled computing environments
  • Built-in update actions that perform most common application maintenance activity
  • The AppLife Update Engine, a transactional, action based update execution process
  • A custom action infrastructure, used to create actions that perform unique application specific tasks
  • Automation tools to integrate application updating into product build processes

The unique transactional, action-based approach that AppLife Update implements provides the flexibility necessary to maintain any .Net application, including enterprise server-based applications, database and internet applications.

“Thick client applications are often discounted because of the perceived difficulty of deployment and maintenance. It doesn’t have to be that way, and AppLife Update removes the bulk of maintenance issues involved with Windows Forms and WPF products” said Brian Haas, President and CEO, Kinetic Jump Software. “With AppLife Update, our customers find that maintaining deployed installations is really quite easy and extremely reliable, even for complex applications.”

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Kinetic Jump Software provides comprehensive and innovative solutions that help software teams advance iterative development practices through improved specification authoring and automated software updating. The AppLife solutions are deployed worldwide in over 30 countries by corporations, government, and private industry. For more information about Kinetic Jump Software please visit

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