What's New

Notable features and fixes for each major or minor version of AppLife Server.

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New Features in Version 1.3

  • AppLife Manager Improvements
    Lowered the number of system Tray notifications. Toggling notifications in the Manager UI shows that past 50 notifications. Included additional debugging information in Manager notifications.
  • Support Tracking the same ClientID across multiple applications
    Effectively allows multiple applications on the same server to share the same installation directory, while tracking the clients across all applications in the server dashboard.
  • Changed the Client ID generation Algorithm
    AppLife Server Client ID generation was susceptible to duplicate values when client HDDs were duplicated (or cloned). Version 1.3 manages the correction of this issue.
  • Corrected an issue with removing clients from the dashboard
    Individual deployed clients can now be correctly deleted from the dashboard.

New Features in Version 1.2

  • Added AppLife Manager Features
    AppLife Manager provides a Windows Service based System Tray application that can automatically deploy and maintain Windows applications without any source code integration of AppLife Update components.
  • Added individual Update Metadata Editing
    View and modify Update targets, custom data, summary text, and Access Control values through the server dashboard.
  • Added Shared Access Control Lists
    Share Access Control lists across applications on AppLife Server.

New Features in Version 1.1

  • Added Access Control Lists
    Allows for control of access to applications and individual update packages by defining lists that include Client Access Keys and Client IDs of deployed clients.
  • Configure Server through Web UI
    Allows server configuration through the server dashboard, instead of configuration files.