AppLife Update Solution Overview

The AppLife solution provides the tools and components to maintain deployed Windows software anywhere.

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The AppLife Server Dashboard

The AppLife Server provides a hosted or on-premises platform to publish and retrieve application updates. Application updates are securely published from AppLife Make Update over https and made available to your deployed clients. As your deployed software checks for updates, analytical information is collected, keeping your team informed of the health and status of your deployed software.

AppLife Server Highlights:

Https Publishing

Securely publish update packages directly from AppLife Make Update without using Ftp.

Controlled Access

Control access to published updates. Lock down to individual computers or manage a list of authorized clients.

Detailed Analytics

On demand analytical information indicating the operation and status of the application maintenance solution.

Identify the current version and update history of every deployed client.


Notification of maintenance update failures.

Manage access to publishing and viewing of application analytics.

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