AppLife Update Solution Overview

The AppLife solution provides the tools and components to maintain deployed Windows software anywhere.

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Maintenance Process Integration

There are many ways to integrate a maintenance process into an installed application. Which method is best very much depends on the individual application and the environment it operates in. For Kiosk applications, a completely automated and silent process is required. For client-server applications, the process must mandate that updates are applied immediately. For utility and stand-alone applications, the process must be as non-intrusive as possible, but still allow the end-user the freedom to apply the update or ignore it. All of these scenarios and more are easily created with AppLife Update.

For all Windows desktop applications, the Multi-Application Update Manager or the Application Maintenance Launcher tool adds maintenance capabilities without any changes to the application source code. Both tools provide a simple, low-touch maintenance scheme for any Windows application.

For .Net Windows Forms or WPF applications, AppLife Update ships with drag-and-drop Visual Controls that can easily be added to your application source code and configured in many different ways to provide a tightly integrated maintenance process. The Simple Quick Start example demonstrates the simplicity with which these controls can be added and configured.

For solutions that require a unique process, Using Microsoft C# or VB.Net and the Update Controller API, the perfect maintenance process can be custom crafted for your software. The Custom Forms Quick Start example demonstrates the use of many of the API methods, events and properties.

Once a maintenance process is integrated, your software can be maintained by creating and publishing update packages that utilize the AppLife Update Engine to maintain your deployed installations.

Overview | Process Integration Next: Creating Updates