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AppLife Update Solution Licensing

AppLife Cloud Subscription

Hosted subscription plans are licensed and priced per application and number of deployed clients. A hosted subscription includes:

  1. Access to our cloud update hosting platform
  2. One single-builder license per hosted application, valid during the duration of the hosted subscription
  3. Premium support

Call 952-496-2921 today and speak to a sales representative or visit our cloud platform for additional information on our hosted subscription plan.

On-Premises Licensing

Our on-premises licensing model is based on users who actually build update packages. An AppLife Update Single Builder license entitles a single user to create and publish updates for an unlimited number of applications and end users. The client components deployed with your software can be distributed royalty-free to an unlimited number of deployed clients.

On-premises installation of the AppLife Server product is licensed separately. A license is required for each instance of the AppLife Server product.

On-premises licenses are perpetual and include one year of premium technical support and software upgrades. Read the EULA

Multi-License Savings
Save 30% by purchasing four or more single-builder licenses. Buy Now

Volume Licensing

Volume licensing is available and provides a cost-effective means for organizations to expand their use of AppLife Update internally. This license is ideal for medium and large companies and many consulting groups. Call us for details and pricing. (952) 496-2921

Software Maintenance

All AppLifeĀ® Update licenses include free upgrades for one year along with phone support directly to Kinetic Jump software engineers. Maintenance benefits can be extended annually for 50% of the current licensing cost. To extend maintenance you must purchase your extension within 60 days of your current maintenance expiration. Privileges are extended one year from your maintenance expiration date. If your maintenance has already expired, but today is still within 60 days of expiry, maintenance is extended one year from today's purchase date.