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Permissions Elevation Feature

When deploying installed software into a controlled computing environment that requires administrative privileges for maintenance, acquiring administrative support to update your software is the most costly obstacle to maintaining your application.

Collaborating with IT departments to deploy maintenance releases is too often slow and expensive. Alternatively, leaving your users to find an administrator to help burdens them and ensures your software will not be maintained promptly. When deploying to controlled computing environments, the AppLife Update Elevation Service provides administrative privileges and saves your organization money with each and every maintenance release you publish. When the elevation service is deployed with your software, your team can publish a maintenance release at any time and all of your deployed clients can immediately apply the update. No expensive administrative support required.

Update Elevation Service Highlights:

Simple, One-Time Administrative Installation

To use the elevation service, simply deploy the service along with the initial installation of your software. Initial installation does require administrative privileges. Once the service is installed, your team can safely and securely publish updates that can be applied without further administrative support.

Safe and Secure

The Update Service is secure. The service will only interact with the AppLife Update engine, and only after validating the digital signature of the update package.

Honors the Launching User Context

The intricacies of duel Windows-User context execution is handled for you. The execution security context is elevated, but the user context of the update process itself is always the user who launched your application. This means that all actions that target the current user context still operates correctly.

Application Re-launches Under the Launching User

When the maintenance update completes and your updated application restarts, the newly launched application is correctly running under the context of the launching user. There are no privileged processes left running on deployed clients.

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