The Updating Solution for Windows Software

Powerful tooling to create and deploy software updates for any Windows platform.

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The AppLife Update Engine

Our unique four-stage, transacted updating engine is at the core of the AppLife Update solution. The engine provides the ability to package up all of the resources and instructions necessary to migrate deployed clients to the next release. Everything, including the engine itself, is packaged into a single file and digitally signed for safe and secure deployment. With the AppLife Update engine, any action necessary to maintain your deployed software is possible.

Built-in Update Actions

  • Replace files
  • Patch Existing Files
  • Execute Windows Installer Packages
  • Add/Modify Registry Keys
  • Add/Modify XML File Elements
  • Maintain SQL Databases
  • Start/Stop Update Windows Services
  • Dynamic C#/Vb.Net Code Action
  • And More...

Update Engine Highlights:

Transacted Execution

Ensures your update is completed successfully. If an unexpected error occurs during the update process, all work is rolled back, leaving the deployed client in its original state. When the unexpected does occur, detailed execution logs allow for easy troubleshooting and the AppLife Server provides your support team notification when an update fails.


There are over 50 built-in update actions available for immediate use. The built-in actions cover all normal updating activity required to maintain Windows applications. An extensive programmatic execution environment provides the ability to pass information into the update engine from the host application, share data between update actions, conditionally execute actions based on contextual information, and more.


Each update package is digitally signed and validated before execution.


The update engine is embedded into each built update package, ensuring that all resources necessary to apply the update are available during execution.


Both the visual appearance and behavior of the update engine is completely customizable. Visually, there are easily configurable visual customizations available, as well as the ability to completely replace the visual appearance. Behaviorally, the Custom Action Infrastructure provides the means to accomplish any unique updating activity.

Supports Elevated Permissions

The AppLife Update Elevation Service works exclusively with the Update Engine to safely and securely tackle the most costly application maintenance obstacle, elevated execution permissions.

Overview | Update Engine Next: Permissions Elevation