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Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core Namespace
The Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core namespace provides a the core classes needed to implement custom actions.
Public classActionBuilderAttribute
Specifies the class used to implement UI and project management services for an action.
Public classActionPaletteItemAttribute
Specifies the class used to provide information about an action's representation in a palette.
Public classCode exampleUpdateAction
Provides the base implementation for all actions that are performed in an AppLife Update action list update.
Public classUpdateProgressChangedEventArgs
Provides event data for the ProgressChanged event.
Public classUpdateUIContext
Contains information about an update that can be used in a custom update UI.
Public structureUpdateContext
Describes the current state of an update in progress.
Public interfaceIUpdateLog
Provides properties and methods to log actions.
Public interfaceIUpdateUI
Defines an update's user interface. A class implementing IUpdateUI will be created during an update and used by AppLife Update to inform a user about the update's status.
Public enumerationUpdateResult
Defines the possible results of an update.
Public enumerationUpdateState
Defines the possible states for an update in progress.
Public enumerationUpdateUIState
Defines the possible states for an update UI showing an update in progress.
Public enumerationYesNoResponse
Defines the possible responses to a yes/no prompt shown by the update UI.