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Real stories from organizations that maintain their deployed software with AppLife Update.

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Success with AppLife Update

More than five hundred organizations use AppLife Update daily to maintain their deployed software installations. The combination of flexibility and function uniquely sets AppLife Update apart from its competition. Nowhere is this more evident than in the stories of our customers.

  • Circuit Link

    Headquartered in Sydney NSW Australia, Circuitlink specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of electronic products for the automotive industry and various other transport governing bodies throughout Australia. Their products expand these markets with equipment for vehicle monitoring, vehicle diagnostics, digital CCTV and fare collection. Circuitlink has established a well deserved reputation throughout the world for the commitment to manufacturing excellence.

  • E-Tix (Maryland State Police)

    The Office of Technology Management (OTM) develops and manages information technology systems for the Maryland State Police Department. The OTM actively pursues grants related to information technology enhancements that help officers perform their jobs better, while reducing total cost of ownership, saving time, improving communications, and increasing officer safety.