Maintain Deployed Software

Windows desktop and server software is everywhere, running public enterprise, governments, and private companies around the world. For teams that create software, supporting their deployed installations is an expensive and time consuming challenge. The ability to monitor the state of their software solutions and be able to reach out and reliably maintain those deployed installations at any time saves money and provides an unprecedented level of competitive responsiveness.

Welcome to AppLife Update. The most comprehensive deployed software maintenance solution available.

  • Complete

    Full-featured maintenance solution.

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    Backed by a fanatical support team.

  • Secure

    Confidently maintain deployed installations.

  • Cost Effective

    Simple licensing options. No hidden costs.

Introducing AppLife Update

With AppLife Update, you can effortlessly maintain your deployed Windows Desktop and Server software solutions. Since 2008, we have been helping customers save on the cost of maintaining deployed software. The AppLife Update toolset integrates easily into your software deployment scheme, and provides the solution for maintaining your installed software, wherever it is deployed. Used in over 30 countries around the globe, updating hundreds of applications and thousands of deployed clients, AppLife Update is battle tested across the Windows desktop and server ecosystem. We stand ready to help your team tackle the challenges of maintaining your deployed software.

Software Tooling

The AppLife Update solution consists of our exclusive action-based Update Engine, software integration tools, update package builder tools, and the Applife Update Server.

Software Overview

Service & Support

We've helped many software teams and seen most of the challenges involved with maintaining deployed Windows software. Our expertise is available through consulting and custom development engagements.

Consulting Details

Success Stories

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the success of deployed software teams. A few have let us to share their stories. Read how the Maryland State Police and CircuitLink Pty. found success through their use of AppLife Update.

Success Stories


The best judge of a product are people who actually use it. Read the words of existing AppLife Update customers.

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