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Quotes from those who are using AppLife Update to maintain software solutions.

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  • It is not often that a product exceeds my expectations. Applife has done that. It does exactly what it states with minimal coding.

    Allowing my customer base to have access to an update mechanism has reduced my support costs and their TCO. The whole process looks and feels professional to the end user thereby adding to the customers satisfaction.

    End users have also a new perspective on our support as they can access updates without waiting for their internal support staff, this has resulted in them appreciating our turn around for new functionality and bug fixes.

    A good product backed up with exceptional support. I cannot recommend it enough.

    Duncan MacMillan
    Solar Flair Solutions

  • AppLife Update has saved us countless hours and provides the exact functionality we needed to provide automatic updates to our existing applications. We initially had looked into developing an updating system in house and after testing AppLife Update we decided it wasn’t possible for us to build anything as feature rich as AppLife Update.

    John Meade
    Sleep Care Center, Inc.

  • I am thrilled that such a sexy, sophisticated product exists. In addition, we can create our own dialogs and hook them in for a consistent look and feel. This is really a cool thing. AppLife has actually developed a "code process" that replaces all the code and algorithms that we'd have to develop on our own, with well written, tested, cool code. Good stuff here.

    Glenn McGregor
    AnswerPoint, Inc.

  • siamo molto soddisfatti di Applife Update : è semplice , potente e molto versatile.

    Lo stiamo utilizzando per aggiornare i Software delle macchine di produzione del nostro stabilimento e di quello Bulgaro. Siamo molto soddisfatti anche del vostro supporto tecnico : preciso e puntuale.

    Personalmente, Applife Update è un prodotto che consiglierò anche ai mie colleghi che lavorano per altre aziende."


    We are very happy with Applife Update: It is simple, powerful and very versatile. We are using it to update the software in the production machines in our plant and in our other plant in Bulgaria.

    We are also very happy with your technical support: precise and punctual.

    Personally, Applife Update is a product that I will recommend to my colleagues who work for other firms.

    Antonio Vanoni
    SKF Sealing Solutions

  • With AppLife Update, we now have a professional, robust updating mechanism in our software. In past projects we struggled to integrate Microsoft’s Application Updater Block, worked around the limitations of using Click-Once, and went crazy trying to build Windows Installer patches.

    AppLife Update delivers a simple, elegant solution with limitless extensibility."

    Chuck Fields
    Code Constructs, LLC

  • I have used Microsoft smart client update. Applife is much cleaner and is not a "black box". It seems very solid. I have used it in one of my apps for two month without any problems.

    Lars Kalthoff
    Idé & Design Europeiska AB

  • First of all, my compliments on a terrific offering with AppLife Update. We have struggled for years to do this the hard way and love your approach.

    J. Patrick Vandersluis, Ph.D
    HealthRx Corporation

  • Thank you again for your phenomenal support. I was completely thrown off guard by the personal attention we have received.

    Andrew Young
    Skybound Software

  • Just to let you know that we’ve deployed AppLife and its awesome. We have actually integrated it with our licensing scheme (which uses Xheo deployLX) so we can control who gets what software upgrades and content is updated based on the product and / or subscription.

    Our update content includes subscription items such as new graphics, design templates, etc. All of that is controlled using the “file add replace by comparison” feature, which makes things an absolute breeze on this end. We’ve never been able to update our customers in such an easy way before, resorting to several different and rather cumbersome approaches in the past.

    Your help and suggestions were a big help in both our selection of AppLife and in the final execution of it. Once again, thanks for your help and for a terrific (and easy to use) product.

    Joseph Sweeney
    Technical Officer
    TyTags Australia

  • I have got to say that I really appreciate your help on this - this has been a phenomenal support experience.

    Doug Rhoten
    Interflow Inc.

  • Well thought out product. Easy to get up and running. Excellent customer support.

    Robert Croshere
    CNS International