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IUpdateUIOpen Method
Displays the user interface. The UI should remain visible until the Finish(UpdateResult, String, Exception) method has been called.

Namespace: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core
Assembly: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core (in Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core.dll) Version: (
void Open(
	UpdateUIContext context


Type: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.CoreUpdateUIContext
An UpdateUIContext that contains information about the update.

A working example of an implementation of this interface can be found in the "Custom Forms" quick start.

AppLife Update uses a multi-threaded updater. However, both Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) require components to be updated from the same thread where they were created. If you show a Form or a WPF Window in your implementation of the Open(UpdateUIContext) method, AppLife Update will ensure that all calls to your implementation of IUpdateUI are made from the same thread. Otherwise, you will have to ensure that any updates to your visual components are made on the correct thread using their thread-marshaling APIs. For more information, see:

(Windows Forms)



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