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IUpdateUIFinish Method
Notifies the UI that the update has finished and allows it to be closed.

Namespace: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core
Assembly: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core (in Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.Core.dll) Version: (
void Finish(
	UpdateResult result,
	string description,
	Exception updateError


Type: Kjs.AppLife.Update.Engine.CoreUpdateResult
The result of the update.
Type: SystemString
A description of the result.
Type: SystemException
If result is Fail, the error that caused the update to fail.

This method is called once the update process has finished, regardless of whether the update succeeded or not. Once this method has been called, the UI can safely close, and AppLife Update will not call any method other than Close (which will only be called if the AutoClose option was specified in the UpdateController that started the update).

If Finish(UpdateResult, String, Exception) is called with result set to Fail, the udpater will shut down after Finish(UpdateResult, String, Exception) returns.

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